“What is happening here is a small and quiet revolution of the human spirit and collective agency… people, local governance groups, partners, and inspired leadership with adaptive models of social change combined with imaginative organizations and business models to serve the poorest of the poor.”  

– Prof. James Koch, Center for Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara University.

The Social Enterprises:

Anudip is a social enterprise that is dedicated to creating livelihood opportunities for women and youth in rural areas and urban slums of india by:

1) Setting up training centers for skilled IT professionals and entrepreneurs

2) Employing its graduates to offer best in industry IT web services project solutions

3) Working with employers to develop their graduates resulting in quick job placement

4) Providing financing and high-touch mentoring for graduates who set up IT-enabled businesses in their communities

Anudip uses a unique approach called Market Aligned Skills Training (M.A.S.T.), that includes workplace English, workplace readiness, basics of business, customer relationships and sales, hospitality, entrepreneurship development, basics of sales, financial accounting and tally, and many more personal development skills. M.A.S.T. training is committed to continuous up-skilling as technologies change.

Anudip’s graduates have found jobs in government and private sector, have set up small businesses, and have been employed by Anudip’s sister company iMerit Technology Services. At this point, Anudip has 112 training centers in operation.

iMerit is a technology services social business that provides web-based, highly scalable, customized solutions. The iMerit model transforms the way IT services are delivered and empowers women and marginalized communities.  Their services include digital publishing, data management, global service desk, and custom services. Custom services give clients the opportunity to design their own project teams, processes, and services.

iMerit has worked with and been supported by best-in-industry organizations such as Amazon.com, the American India Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, and more. iMerit strives to quantify as many project quality metrics as possible and seeks to continually improve projects and the organization as a whole. Its customers see a boost in productivity while saving money. iMerit employs Anudip training graduates, providing improved livelihoods.

The Fellowship:

The Global Social Benefit Fellowship provides a comprehensive program of mentored, field-based study and action research for Santa Clara undergraduate juniors within the GSBI™ worldwide network of social entrepreneurs. The fellowship combines a fully funded 6-7 week summer field experience in the developing world with two quarters of academically rigorous research. It is a program of practical social justice, in the Jesuit educational tradition. Our team of GSB Fellows is currently in Kolkata, India working with Anudip and iMerit.

Phil Eukel is a communications major and will be focusing mainly on film while in the field. He will create a quick ‘sizzle’ reel, several training videos, and a short documentary for Anudip and iMerit to contribute both to marketing content as well as the standardization of teaching methods across Anudip centers. Phil will interview staff, students, and employees within Anudip and iMerit, as well as family and friends, in order to gauge the effect they have experienced from the enterprises.

Lauren Farwell is a political science major and will be focusing on photography and social media in the field. She will conduct interviews of Anudip students and graduates, iMerit employees, and entrepreneurs of the DREAM program to see how livelihoods are being transformed. Her deliverables to Anudip and iMerit will be photo narratives, blog postings, and using other social media outlets to contribute to marketing content and to tell the inspirational stories of students and graduates of the enterprises as a mode of measuring social impact.

Melissa Bica is a computer science and engineering major and will be focusing on tool development and IT training in the field. The tools she will implement in the iMerit centers are an improved optical character recognition program for e-publishing and an XML converter for reading e-books on mobile phones. She will assist in training at Anudip and iMerit centers and help to make iMerit employees’ work more efficient and refined through the development of programs and applications designed for their projects.

To learn more about the Global Social Benefit Fellowship, follow the link on our blog’s home page. Stay tuned to our blog postings for updates on our 7 weeks in the field!


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