Hello, Goodbye by Phillip Eukel

Today is our last day in the office here in Kolkata. I’m not really sure how we managed to keep it together to get to this moment or truly realized until the end approached how blessed we were with co-workers who became good friends and that India, at least for a bit, became home.

I can only speak for my experiences, but I believe India defies any expectations produced by a western mindset, and is more brilliant for it. Many people told me our initial days would be a struggle due to language barriers, logistics, and cultural differences, and they were. Yet when I finally surfaced and absorbed my surroundings I got handed a gift more than worth the struggle of the initial clash. India is gloriously green, bamboozlingly buzy, unwaveringly hospitable and kind, implausibly hot, and now a place I’m quite sad to leave. It is a wonder to behold, and treasure to experience.

The sub-continent contains nearly every climate and ecosystem, and amazes in its raw beauty and vastness. The people, however, like everywhere else are what make India truly special.  As I interviewed people throughout the Anudip and iMerit organizations, when I asked what they liked most about working at Anudip or iMerit without pause everyone replied, “It’s a family.”

So thank you to Anudip, iMerit and everyone who has allowed me to be a part of their family here in India. It has been an unbelievable experience, and the people are what has made it so amazing.


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